Academic writing for nurses

There is a lot of content that needs to be memorized regarding anatomy, biology, math, and chemistry, so writing often gets pushed to the back burner. And yet writing is such an essential skill that if not mastered, one can actually fail in their academic studies.

Academic writing for nurses

academic writing for nurses

This associate degree program began in Warner, OK in with the admission of 20 students. We are admit students in August and in January. For information on admission and curriculum, and for an application, see Traditional Nursing Program Advisement Material.

Career Ladder students who meet admission criteria are allowed to enter the program beginning with a transition course.

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The success of this program is related to several factors: To begin with, the faculty are excellent and offer a wide variety of expertise in the nursing field see Meet the Faculty. The support course faculty do a wonderful job of preparing students for the nursing program, and administrators are very supportive.

Small class size allows for more individualized instruction than is afforded in larger colleges and universities. The curriculum is designed to move from simple-to-complex. The curriculum is tried and proven, and is evaluated on a regular basis for accuracy and currency of content.

The school has an excellent relationship with the clinical facilities, so that students are able to gain a variety of valuable hands-on experiences.

Progress is bench marked at intervals with exams provided by Kaplan Nursing Through this process, deficiencies are identified and re-mediated so that students are continually building a foundation for the next level. For information related to admission and progression, see the Nursing Student Handbook.

Nursing is a wonderfully exciting career, and job opportunities are endless. I will be happy to answer your questions and assist you toward accomplishing your goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.By clicking the button above, I agree to receive email, voice, and/or SMS/text communication from Excelsior College and its agents via the telephone number and email address I provide for purposes related to my education.


NURSE EDUCATOR Background: Nurse educators combine clinical expertise and a passion for teaching into rich and rewarding careers. These professionals, who work in the classroom and the practice setting, are responsible for preparing and mentoring current and future generations of nurses.

Connors State Nursing Program. WELCOME FROM THE NURSING DIRECTOR. Welcome to the Connors State College Department of Nursing. This associate degree program began in Warner, OK in with the admission of 20 students.

The Master’s Degree Program in nursing, Post-Graduate APRN Certificate Program, and the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, K Street NW, Washington DC ; () Gainful Employment Welcome!.

The Nursing and Allied Health (NAH) Department is comprised of a wide range of short term and degree programs. NAH program tracks are developed in highly sought after fields of employment. Majors and Programs A-to-Z Arts, Sciences and Engineering With more than 75 undergraduate majors and 50 graduate programs, Rochester offers the intellectual excitement of a major research university and the intimacy and opportunities of a liberal arts college.

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