An analysis of people s fascination of motorcycles

The new motor is the first to sport a double overhead camshaft and includes a host of innovative features including a quickshifter for clutchless gear changes and the news that the factory will enter the World Superbike Championship with the new bike inindicating that it intends to take on Ducati as a rival on both the road and the track. Based on the R S Sports Boxer, that competed successfully in Endurance race events this season, the new HP2 Sport bristles with high-end, top-quality racing parts. The HP series has been designed by engineers at the BMW factory to produce bikes that represent the ultimate in riding performance; with the skilful harmony of exceptionally high quality components resulting in a high-end range of motorcycles.

An analysis of people s fascination of motorcycles

To begin with and as I grew up as a teenager, I was utterly passionate about racing motocross dirt bike motorcycles. Eventually I turned pro at age 18 and became a rider of note within the state of Virginia and East coast racing scene.

“I guess I’m a modern antique sorcerer. People used to believe that horologists were sorcerers.”

Race tracks were often hours upon hour away from home and my racing buddies and I made the trip fun by listening to rock music non-stop. Following a weekend of racing and a long trip back home I went to school as usual on Monday.

On this particular day I returned to school especially exhausted. For me, going to school was a drag and represented time away from my true passion of racing. I hated to read because I considered myself a slow reader and I disliked writing even more.

During this time, I was extremely fortunate in having a very cool English teacher who had us reading books by Tolken, C. Lewis and Robert Heinlein. Still, with each day of school, I felt a dread whenever I had to go to English class. Again, on this one special day all of this would change for me when our English teacher came into class and announced, in essence, that we would not be having our regular class.

Instead she said, that we would be listening to music. She stated that she would be turning the lights out in the room and then be playing some music. Our assignment was to put our heads down on the desktop, close our eyes and just listen to the music and then notice where our imagination took us.

I was on a journey with every second of the music which was sparking my imagination. My mind was being blown wide open.

The music took me on a visual roller coaster up, down and through, what seemed like, a sort of cosmic rabbit hole. It was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I had grown up as a teenager listening to Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I was in utter awe.

I had no idea of how powerfully deep music could touch me, move me and excite my imagination. To me he was an unquestionable musical genius. I had never heard anything like it and went down the rabbit hole to experience other musicians similar to him…Kitaro, Vangelis, Enya, Tangerine Dream all the artists of Wyndham Hill Records and more.

After graduating college, and at about at 28, I experienced a spiritual meltdown.

February 9, 2010

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An analysis of people s fascination of motorcycles

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