Battle of the alamo essay

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Battle of the alamo essay

The battle of the Alamo has a lot of various myths and legends around it; thus, we are going to explore this historical event from various perspectives, dwelling on its most important moments.

Beginning our discussion, it is necessary to mention that the battle of the Alamo has a great strategic context in the Texas Revolution, because it became a decisive moment for the independence of Texas. The Alamo Mission served as a good protective picket; and if Santa Anna takes it, there will be no fortified point to stop the enemy on his way toward the Sabine.

Nowadays the battle has become a real symbol of patriotic sacrifice for a vast majority of Americans and most Texans. The siege had its beginning on February 23,and lasted 13 Battle of the alamo essay. Thus, March 6, is considered to be the date of the end of the siege and final battle of the Alamo.

Historical evidences show that the battle of the Alamo has its own prehistory. In October, the settlers of Mexican Texas excited an armed rebellion against the Mexican government.

Battle of the alamo essay

Santa Anna began preparations to invade Texas immediately, to do away with the Texas Revolution. In addition, Santa Anna, angered by the thought of American intervention in Mexican affairs, ordered the Mexican Congress to authorize the army to deal with any foreigners fighting in Texas, as with the robbers.

Battle of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

That decision meant the prohibition of taking prisoners, because the captured robbers were subject to immediate execution by the laws of those times. When the Mexican army of General Cos had left Bexar now San Antonio, TexasTexan soldiers left a garrison at the Alamo Mission, a former outpost of the Catholic mission, used at the time as a temporary fort.

Santa Anna described the Alamo Mission as a temporary fort hardly worthy of a separate title by the reason that the Alamo was built to defend against raids of Indian tribes that do not have guns.

Thus, it became understandable that it would be a hard task to defend the Alamo. It is a well-known fact that Texans repulsed two attacks, but were unable to repel the third attack.

When the Mexicans climbed the walls, most of the Texan soldiers retreated to a two-storied stone building or to the chapel. Several small isolated groups of rebels who did not manage to reach the barracks and tried to escape were killed by the Mexican cavalry that waited for them outside the walls.

Mexican soldiers took the room by room by force, and soon they took the entire control over the Alamo.

Step 3: Contact Details The Battle of San Jacinto. Without this victory, the Texas Revolution would have failed.
is for Students. Then Houston leaves with his army to get it ready to fight.
Hollywood Vs. History: The Alamo - Essay Pin16 53 Shares The Alamo is one of the most well known monuments in the state of Texas and has a very interesting history and battle associated with it.
Sam Houston and the Battle for Texas Independence After Mexico gained independency in Hostilitiess in Texas began with the Battle of Gonzales on October 1.

However, the siege allowed to accumulate forces for a decisive battle, because hundreds of volunteers from the United States flocked to the newly formed republic. Analyzing the situation, it is possible to mention that the triumph of Mexicans was a short-term, and the victory over the Texan besieged garrison was a kind of Pyrrhic victory.

The necessary spark which roused the flame of the struggle with anti-Mexican forces all over Texas were courage and universal destruction of the defenders of the fort. As a result, it joined the United Stated after nine years.

Adding to previously stated information, the outcome of the war with Mexico was the proclamation of an independent republic of Texas, and the adoption of a constitution.

Its first president was Sam Houston. And, in connection with an event so important in Texas history, it might be expected that many conflicting stories would be told about the details by witnesses and alleged witnesses, and that is exactly what occurred.

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By continuing to use Studybay you accept our use of cookies view more on our Cookie Policy. Battle of the Alamo Essay Words 9 Pages Introduction The siege, fall and ensuing massacre of nearly two hundred Alamo defenders at the hands of Mexican General, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna y Perez de Lebron’s army of over five thousand was a defining moment in .

Photo Essay: Commemoration marked the st anniversary of the siege and battle of the Alamo. The anniversary was commemorated with thirteen days of interactive living history. Battle of the Alamo This paper consists of five pages and examines the famous Battle of the Alamo in terms causes for it taking place with the participation of William Barret Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett also discussed.

And snapped they did, in a string of firecracker events the seeds of revolution and the battle of the Alamo ensued. The Alamo first saw action when General Cos landed at Copano, and headed to San Antonio to meet up with Colonel Ugartechea. Alamo Summer Camp Scholarship Essay Winners.

Recently, San Antonio’s mayor, Ivy R. Taylor, awarded six San Antonio students with scholarships to the Alamo’s summer camp.

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