Eth 316 a challenging case study

The field of Affective Computing AC expects to narrow the communicative gap between the highly emotional human and the emotionally challenged computer by developing computational systems that recognize and respond to the affective states of the user. Affect-sensitive interfaces are being developed in number of domains, including gaming, mental health, and learning technologies.

Eth 316 a challenging case study

Students will be encouraged to develop critical reasoning skills that can be widely applied.

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Case studies from the history of astronomy, epidemiology, molecular biology, and neuroscience provide a basis for understanding of the character of scientific theories and the means by which they are evaluated. Special attention is given to the construction and evaluation of statistical and causal hypotheses, including experimental design, and to the use of scientific knowledge in public policy decision-making.

Students acquire basic skills in critical thinking and scientific reasoning and an introductory understanding of issues in the philosophy of science. A range of historical and contemporary views on these issues is considered. The aim of the course is to prepare students to think and write about philosophical problems on their own.

We typically consider, for example, the existence of God, the justification of claims to knowledge, and the requirements of a good human life, including the demands of morality. Our goal is not just to appreciate the genius of some great philosophers but also to grapple with the current philosophical problems they have bequeathed to us.

The aim of the course is to present diverse points of view regarding these topics and to provide conceptual and theoretical tools that enable the student to make headway in thinking carefully and critically about the issues.

Text and Tradition One major force in human history has been inquiry into the natural world. Especially afternatural science has, by virtue of its role in the development of technology and the improvement of health, brought about great changes on all scales of human existence, first in Western Europe and then globally.

In this course, the changing character of inquiry into the natural world, from antiquity forward, will be the object of study.

Does natural science enable us, for example, to study nature as it is in itself, or are culturally-determined perspectives or frameworks inescapable?

How is it that natural science has, especially sinceproved so useful in the development of technology? How has it impinged on the arts?

The requirements will include writing several short papers and brief responses to the readings. Issues that might be discussed include euthanasia, genetic engineering, organ transplants, medical malpractice, the allocation of medical resources, and the rights of the patient.

Focus on contemporary business and the ideology it embodies. Discussion of moral problems arising in business includes both the analysis of structural factors that cause them and the evaluation of courses of action that might resolve them.

Students also learn some ethical and political theory. Primary emphasis on solutions various theories offer to these problems. Such questions span many philosophical fields including metaethics, value theory, applied ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy and philosophy of science.

Given such a diversity of important questions, this course focuses on a different intersection of philosophy and environment each time it runs.

Eth 316 a challenging case study

It aims to develop students' understanding of the complex philosophical claims and problems that lie behind environmental values, practices and policies. Examples of topics considered are: While this tradition includes writing from and about the three historical periods of Jewish self-rule including the modern state of Israelmost of the Jewish political tradition comes from the understanding of politics as viewed from outsiders to mainstream communities.

Additionally, Jewish political thought can be found through a Jewish community's self-understanding based on its interpretation of Jewish text and law by which it bound itself. Because we span over 2, years of recorded history, we will not attempt to discern a single "Jewish political thought" but rather look at JPT through the lens of familiar concepts of political theory.

The fundamental questions we will explore are the relationship of the Jewish tradition to concepts such as authority, law, consent, sovereignty and justice. We will ask how the Jewish tradition views government and the relationship between the authority of God and the authority of temporal powers.

We will explore these questions through a range of materials that include both primary and secondary literature. The supposed opposition between love and reason has been used by Christian and secular thinkers throughout modernity to organize ways of knowing and judging, and to criticize claims of faith, belief, and desire.

But are love and reason really so distinct? What does it mean to say so, and why might someone make this claim? Can love be reasoned, and even reasonable? Can reason be aided by love, and even driven by it?

Eth 316 a challenging case study

How might different answers to these questions affect our understanding of other possibly unreasoned categories like faith, belief, and piety? This course offers an introduction to modern Christian thought and Western philosophy through these questions and themes. Yet the history of the term and the set of ideologies show a much more complex understanding.

In this course we trace the emergence of a number of different "Zionisms" that would lead to the creation of the modern state of Israel.Eth/ discipline will be maintain within the company. The ethical perspectives that were used to make the decisions taken during the simulation were based only on .

Fish disks 1 - - Amiga-Stuff main index Back. INTRODUCTION. The use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol exact a steep price from our society.

The complicity of substance abuse in serious social ills such as . Eth a Challenging Case Study A Challenging Case Study ETH / December 3, As the country comes under a major threat and the President must make decisions that will affect the entire country and world, certain issues will arise.

This work of ETH Week 1 Discussion Question 2 contains: Select two major ethical theories covered in your readings for Week One. What are the major. Case Summary Enron has become the classic case on business ethics. Enron formed after the merger of Internorth Incorporated and Houston Natural Gas in On January 1, , as part of the merger agreement, Ken Lay became the new CEO.

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