Financial and management accounting assignment smu

New Technology and E-Commerce Law Our firm is at the forefront of litigating the many new and challenging legal issues arising from the advance of technology, the growing importance of the Internet, and other major developments in e-commerce and new technology business. The firm is currently handling a number of technology and e-commerce cases that will impact the way business is done in the future. The case against a Chinese manufacturing company involved breach of contract, antitrust, and other claims relating to a worldwide product distribution agreement. Inthe firm helped a Fortune corporation achieve a decisive victory in a London trial concerning its decision to cease its support for a high-profile product acquisition.

Financial and management accounting assignment smu

Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.

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Assignment Set -1 Questions Question. In that year the variable costs were Rs. Cost control is simply the prevention of waste within the existing environment.

Financial and management accounting assignment smu

This environment is made up of agreed operating methods for which standards have been developed. Business firms aim at producing the product at the minimum cost. It is necessary in order to achieve the goal of profit maximisation.

The success of Question. A company making for stock in the first quarter of the year is assisted by its bankers with overdraft accommodation. The following are the relevant budget figures: November 1,20, 83, 10, December 1,28, 96, 10, January 72, 1,62, 11, February 1,16, 1,64, 10, March 84, 40, 12, Given the following further information you are required to prepare a Cash Budget for the quarter January to Marchshowing the budgeted amount of bank facilities required, if any, in each month end: On average one half of sale are paid on due date, while the other half are paid during the next month.

Creditors are paid during the month following the month of supply. Businesses and professionals could soon have to pay salaries of Rs 10, or more to their employees through cheque or bank transfer if they want to claim tax credit, reported the Times of India on Friday.

Wages of people such as drivers or office boys are often Rs 10, or Rs 15, which used to be paid in cash. We will prefer it to go through non-cash channels. The person claiming it as expenses should make the payment by cheque or Assignment Set -2 Questions Question.

The standard price of materials is Rs. The actual quantity of materials used is 10 tons and the actual price paid is Rs. Actual output obtained is 9,00, units. From the above particulars, compute:Logistics is a sector in Singapore that is constantly growing and improving, especially with the advancement in technology.

LOM prepared me well for my first taste of working in this industry by equipping me with applicable theoretical knowledge. Neil Albert NFA Consulting, LLC Advanced Cost Topics: GAO Cost Assessment Guide (ACT01) Advanced Cost Topics: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (ACT03) Neil F.

Albert is President/CEO of NFA Consulting, LLC. a company specializing in strategic planning, cost/schedule analysis, acquisition management, and program assessment. SMU MBA FINANCIAL AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Free solved assignment Uploaded by rahulverma ASSIGNMENT DRIVE SPRING PROGRAM MBA SEMESTER I SSUBJECT CODE & NAME MBA FINANCIAL AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING BK ID B CREDIT 4 MARKS 60 Note –The Assignment is divi /5(3).

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Jan 19,  · Q.1 Explain the tools of Management accounting? ANSWER- Tools and Techniques of Management Accounting Q.2 Find the contribution and profit earned if the selling price per unit is Rs, variable cost per unit Rs and fixed cost Rs.3,05, for the output of 80, units. When I first met Nurul Arfah*, a third-year student from the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management for the first counselling session last year, she seemed lost and unsure and wanted to find out more if the hotel industry really suited her.

Workshop Speakers My favourite subject is Maths, due to the ability and passion in solving and challenging problem sums. Have local and foreign students hence able to translate to other languages Chi, Eng, Cantonese for easier comprehension.
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