Finite math homework help

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Finite math homework help

Finite Math Examples

Description[ edit ] The Harvard University Department of Mathematics describes Math 55 as "probably the most difficult undergraduate math class in the country".

As ofstudents may choose to enroll in either Math 25 or Math 55 but are advised to "shop" both courses and have five weeks to decide on one. In89 students took the test given after three weeks: Of the 75 students who enrolled in the offering, by course end, only 20 remained due to the advanced nature of the material and time-constraints under which students were given to work.

Kominers, familiar with the stated attrition rates for the course, decided to keep an informal log of his journey through the section: Infor example, students studied the differential geometry of Banach manifolds in the second semester of Math These topics typically culminated in the proof of the generalized Stokes' theoremthough, time permitting, other relevant topics e.


Loomis and Sternberg's textbook Advanced Calculus, [9] an abstract treatment of calculus in the setting of normed vector spaces and on differentiable manifoldswas tailored to the authors' Math 55 syllabus and served for many years as an assigned textbook.

From onwards, the scope of the course along with that of Math 25 was changed to more strictly cover the contents of four semester-long courses in two semesters: Math 25a linear algebra and Math group theory in Math 55a; and Math 25b calculus, real analysis and Math complex analysis in Math 55b.

Fluency in formulating and writing mathematical proofs is listed as a course prerequisite for Math 55, while such experience is considered "helpful" but not required for Math Notable alumni[ edit ] Problem sets are expected to take from 24 to 60 hours per week to complete, [1] although some claim that it is closer to 20 hours.

In addition to these professors, past students of Math 55 include Bill Gates [19] and Richard Stallman.Oct 14,  · Finite math homework help!?

Two student representatives, a treasurer and a secretary, are to be chosen from a group of 30) five students: Andrew, Brenda, Chad, Dorothy, and Eric.

In how many different ways can the representatives be chosen if the two must not be the same sex?Status: Open.

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Finite math homework help

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