History 17b 13 second midterm study guide

Once you start the midterm, you must finish it within 70 minutes.

History 17b 13 second midterm study guide

Rome For more information consider the following: Problems Roman empire faced in the 3rd century and the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine. Know about the barbarians that immigrated into or invaded the empire in the 4th and 5th centuries. Know where the Germanic kingdoms were established in the empire and who were their key early leaders.

Identify Byzantine Empire and evolution out of Roman Empire.

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Be able to explain what allowed it to survive when the West fell. Understand the life of Muhammed and list the tenants of Islam. Be able to describe how Islam became an empire.

Discern Rashidun Caliphs from the later Caliphates and be able to talk about Harun Al-Rashid and the artistic and scientific achievements that took place in Baghdad in the Golden Age. Be able to describe the basic structure and hierarchy of the early church and be able to understand the institution of the papacy and key individuals and events in the early history of Christian missionaries in Ireland, Britain, and Germany.

Be able to talk about the Merovingian dynasty in Frankia and how the Carolingian dynasty followed it. Identify early Carolingian rulers and their accomplishments. Be able to talk about Charlemagne and his empire. What were his military and cultural achievements. In particular be able to describe the Carolingian Renaissance.

What was their culture and behavior?

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Be able to talk about Viking settlements and invasions. Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland.

History 17b 13 second midterm study guide

Talk about the collapse of the Frankish empire and the creation of Capetian France and Ottonian Germany.Course Summary History Western Civilization II has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2, colleges and universities.

Midterm Study Guide Pre Renaissance Middle Ages began at around AP Art History Chapter 3 Study Guide blogspot com November 11th, - Here is the answer key for the Gardner s Art Through. Oct 02,  · Your midterm will be on Friday, October 10th-- 12 days before the second most important day of all time.

I have posted your Midterm Study Guides below in the comments section of this post.


I also have hard copies of the guides in my room-- you can get them from me on Monday. prepare for the exam, a study guide will be distributed in class on 13 October.

A formal A formal note from a physician will be necessary to excuse an absence from this exam. Mar 09,  · Students can use the following document as a study guide for the midterm.

Download: pdf Posted on March 9, March 16, Author guest grupobittia.com Categories Book 10 Old - Lesson 15 - Christ, Book 10 Old - Lesson 16 - Prophesies about Jesus, Book 10 Old - Lesson 17 - Second Coming of Jesus Tags 2ndComing, Christ, Prophesies. Study Guide for the Midterm Exam The point exam will include 40 points worth of multiple choice questions covering the readings and lectures.

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