How to write a briefing note template

Business briefs are short, usually no more than one or two pages in length, but should contain enough information for your audience to make a purchase, sign up to attend a seminar, answer a survey or respond to any other call to action included at the end of the brief.

How to write a briefing note template

While on your search for the perfect retreat property have you considered things like federal government influence, corruption, gun laws, medical freedom or major nuclear targets?

how to write a briefing note template

If not, then keep reading! If you are in the process of looking for a home or retreat we urge you to visit StrategicRelocation.

Set Up Permissions

Skousen has generously agreed to share his insights with our audience on a weekly basis. You can also read his extensive Strategic Relocation guidewhich covers information like that which you are about to read and a whole lot more for all 50 states.

Weekly Strategic Relocation Briefing: The land has good productivity with a growing season of to days, with average rainfall of about 38 inches per year. There is deep soil everywhere except in the Ozarks region, providing good basement potential in most areas of the state.

The Midwestern climate, however, is not for everyone. The region has a very low population density in many of the outlying rural counties. The cost of living ranking the 5th least expensive state is low in Missouri and even lower in the countryside as compared to the two major metro areas.

As for taxes, Missouri ranks about average—32 out of 50 in high taxes, with an effective rate is 9. There is income tax, and property taxes are average ranking 23rd in nation. The sales tax of 4. Permits are required for all construction, though there is some variance at the local level.

Missouri does have comprehensive planning and zoning laws, and all cities, towns, and villages are authorized to plan and adopt zoning regulations, which must be in accordance with a comprehensive plan.

However, the statute does not require that smaller jurisdictions adopt a comprehensive plan, and many of the small towns have not. Overall, the land in Missouri is better than its leaders.

Missouri is getting more bureaucratic and intrusive with its regulations as are other states. It is not as concentrated as in Washington DC and Denver, but federal connections and influence with state and local law enforcement allow the ones that are corrupt or bullish to act with some impunity.

Corruption is fairly high in the state as well. Historically, a good portion of CIA front companies have been organized in Missouri, which only happens when the insiders at the federal level have a known working level of control over state officials.

Crime is high, mostly because of the two major cities: The property crime rate is above average: The crime rate in St. Louis, for example, is four times the state average. In Kansas City it is three times the overall state average. Missouri is mostly pro-Second Amendment in its gun laws, after many years of being restrictive as to both purchase and carry.

It is also an open carry friendly state. In addition on the Freedom Scale, Missouri is also very free in terms of allowing the practice of alternative medicine and home schooling. Stay clear of the two major nuclear targets in the state: In Southern Missouri, the Missouri Ozarks are particularly well suited for sustainable retreats with plenty of water, forested hills, wild game, fish, and wood for stoves.

The water is excellent from both springs and wells. The old timers of the Arkansas Ozarks are noted for their reclusive attitudes and reluctance to accept newcomers. But the Missouri Ozarks I have found to be generally more open to outsiders. The general boundaries of the Southern Missouri area we are discussing encompasses all of the rural land and hill country south of I which originates where the eastern corners of Kansas and Oklahoma hit SW Missouri and travels NE through Springfield to St.

Obviously you want to stay well clear of freeway entrances and exits as well as the major cities like Springfield and especially St.

how to write a briefing note template

There are large tracks of State Forests in this southern region of the state, and although you cannot buy land inside the State forests except parcels that were homesteaded in pioneer daysthey provide great backdrops for rural farm retreats that back up to these state lands.

Much of the most beautiful forestland is contained in the Mark Twain National Forest, but there are thousands of private acres nearby to this huge protected area.

The resort town of Branson, Missouri, south of Springfield and close to the Arkansas border is a nice place to visit for entertainment, but land prices close by are too high with many of the rich and famous moving into the area. However, as soon as you get some minutes away, the land prices come down and are more reasonable.

These long lakes with their many branches make a formidable barrier to refugee flows if pick a site that puts the water between you and the town of Branson.

They make good recreational retreats, but are not as good as owning secluded farmland.Weekly Strategic Relocation Briefing: Southern Missouri By Joel Skousen Author, Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home Missouri is one of three Midwestern states that have access to the rugged hill country commonly known as the Ozarks—one of the nation’s best known retreat areas.

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Example: This is a training test designed to assess existing plans and procedures as a tool to manage a corporate headquarters response. A credit memo also known as an invoice is a document in which a seller indicates the transaction details of a service or a product purchased under a single transaction.

What are Briefing Note Templates? Briefing notes are used for presenting information or complex matter in an objective and precise manner.

The average length of briefing notes is two to three pages. You may also see Procedure Note Templates. Their common use can be seen in government processes and business environment.

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