Information on jawaharlal nehru in hindi

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Information on jawaharlal nehru in hindi

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Through this article, we are trying to cover the history of Kashmir Issue and mistakes committed by Jawaharlal Nehru related to Kashmir issue. We would also cover the role of Government of India especially the Congress government and had if they were avoided there would have been a different story.

His intention can be measured by the words that he said during the Round Table Conference. He proclaimed in front of British Crown: Jawaharlal Nehru disliked Maharaja Hari Singh from the beginning.

Nehru took it as an insult and never forgave Maharaja. Nehru blindly trusted Sheikh and later difference grew between them to such an extent that that Sheikh was arrested by the central government in It was Sheikh who suggested Nehru not to advance further as the area beyond was not Kashmiri.

Within few days Indian army won many important points and recaptured Baramulla thereby removing the danger to the city of Srinagar. To completely annihilate the invaders Indian Army waited for approval from high command to attack their base and drove them out.

O United Nation Organization. Indian Army in action during the India-Pakistan war of This war is also referred as First Kashmir War. India declared the ceasefire on 1st January and Pakistan never removed its forces from captured land. Present border between India and Pakistan.

After the defeat in both countries agreed to accept LOC as their border. It is said that Nehru trusted British more than the Indian generals and in case of Kashmir issue he took command in his own hand for rest of India it was done by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

It is to be noted, both by area and number of voters Jammu region should have got a higher share. Till date, the unequal distribution of seats makes it difficult for other parties to form a government.

The state politics is controlled by Kashmir Valley which in turn supports Pakistan and Separatist leaders. At present Kashmir region has 46 seats, Jammu has 37 seats and Ladakh has 4 seats.

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At present, the Kashmir has 46 seats and Jammu has 37 seats. It is to be noted that the refugees can vote in the central election but not in the assembly election. To conduct the first election in the valley the Central government Congress committed blunder mistakes.

First, no census was carried out and census of was not taken into account census population data: Third, after the election the motion of acceptance of election was moved in Indian Parliament and in spite of opposition by leaders like S.

Pakistan supported them by providing arms and shelter. Nehru sent Sheikh to Dr.

Shri Jawaharlal Nehru | Prime Minister of India Themes of National Science Exhibitions — now called JNNSMEE Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition for Children With a view to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temper among the children of the country, NCERT organizes national level science exhibition every year where children showcase their talents in science and mathematics and their applications in different areas related with our everyday life. In order to ensure the widest possible participation and involvement of students and teachers in the programme, NCERT organises exhibition in two phases.
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad His father, Motilal Nehru —a self-made wealthy barrister who belonged to the Kashmiri Pandit community, [4] served twice as President of the Indian National Congressin and His mother, Swaruprani Thussu —who came from a well-known Kashmiri Brahmin family settled in Lahore[5] was Motilal's second wife, the first having died in child birth.
[email protected]: IAS Prelims CSAT Paper II Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allabahad on November 14, He received his early education at home under private tutors.

R Ambedkar to draft an appropriate constitution for the state but Dr.(ii) L costs Rs. less than C, which sells for Rs. more than S, which, in turn, costs Rs.

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Information on jawaharlal nehru in hindi

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allabahad on November 14, He received his early education at home under private tutors. At the age of fifteen, he went to England and after two years at Harrow, joined Cambridge University where he took his tripos in Natural Sciences.

Information on jawaharlal nehru in hindi

The library connects us with the insight and knowledge, painfully extracted from Nature, of the greatest minds that ever were, with the best teachers, drawn from the entire planet and from all our history, to instruct us without tiring, and to inspire us to make our own contribution to .

Jawaharlal Nehru (/ ˈ n eɪ r uː, ˈ n ɛ r uː /; Hindustani: [ˈdʒəʋaːɦərˈlaːl ˈneːɦru] (listen); 14 November – 27 May ) was the first Prime Minister of India and a central figure in Indian politics before and after independence. He emerged as an eminent leader of the Indian independence movement under the tutelage of Mahatma Gandhi and served India as Prime Minister.

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Container Terminal JNP is the biggest container handling Port in India, handling around 55% of the country’s containerised cargo, crossing the historic landmark of 4 million TEU’s in container throughput and poised to handle 10 million TEU’s pa by year , JNP throws open array of opportunity for shipping lines and shippers to move their cargo to various sector.

We are proud to state that as per the directions given by Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian National Congress session held at Nagpur in , Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth was established in , as an educational memorial of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, 'the Father of Indian Unrest' and an advocate of National Education.

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