Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness essay

Full text online It is commonly observed, that when two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather; they are in haste to tell each other, what each must already know, that it is hot or cold, bright or cloudy, windy or calm.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness essay

Every culture has there on meaning and way of what happiness means to them. For some, happiness could be waking up every morning spending time with family and friends and for others it could mean being loyal to their country, making money, and having nice things. Each and every person has their own perspective on happiness.

People normally portray happiness with the perfect family setting, having a good job, and being wealthy and no one has any problems and everyone looks happy. This is what you would call a stereotype of what happiness looks like.

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Studies have shown that when you asks an American what is happiness or what makes you happy, people normally response is finishing school, finding and getting a job, providing and making sure their family is good, getting married, and or being successful.

This would conclude that in American culture, it is more self-determination, looking out for their wellbeing, getting to know them and reaching for their own goals, positive self. The factors were the main target of what happiness means to each different people.

According to Steve R. Baumgardner and Marie K. Being happy, having a positive attitude, and feeling good about the self are central values in American culture. The pursuit of happiness is described in the Declaration of Independence as an inalienable right. In a society that offers abundant opportunities and considerable individual freedom, people are encouraged to make life choices based on what makes them happy and satisfied.

As an American, I take it for granted that what makes me happy may not make you happy, because happiness is highly individualized.

Children are encouraged to be emotionally expressive, to take pride in their achievements, stand out from others, and to take a positive and self enhancing view of themselves.

This can be contrasted with Asian cultures, in which happiness has less importance as a cultural ideal and children are encouraged to moderate their emotions, fit in with others, take pride in the achievement of their groups, and to adopt a self-critical and self-effacing attitude toward themselves.

Within East Asian societies, happiness appears less important as a culturally prescribed goal, and life satisfaction is based more on external and normative expectations than on individualized criteria.

Suh points out that in contrast to North American cultures, East Asian cultural traditions do not emphasize happiness, life satisfaction, or the experience of positive emotions as central life concerns.

Several studies support the general conclusion concerning the differential importance of SWB in American and Asian cultures. For example, Diener reported that compared to Americans, East Asians rate happiness and life satisfaction as less important and think less frequently about whether their lives are happy or satisfying.

The level of satisfaction, based on a cultural ideal, was significantly lower for Koreans than for Americans. Rather than pursuing and cultivating the experience of happiness, Asian cultures tend to regard happiness and other emotions as temporary states that come and go.

For Americans, positive feelings are more strongly related to individual achievements that produce feelings of pride in individual accomplishment like getting the highest score on an exam in a college class.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness essay

Achievement of goals that enhance independence is an important basis of happiness in individualistic cultures.See more of TAH Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness on Facebook.

This national contest invites high school students to submit an essay describing the political courage of a U.S.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness essay

elected official. footage, firsthand accounts, and narration bring the attack to life-moment by moment, target by target. TAH Life, Liberty and the. Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness My thoughts on philosophy, language learning, photography, theology, and life in general.

All are welcome! Another Essay written for my philosophy class. Here is a link to a copy of the article. A Response to, “On Being an Atheist” by H. J. McCloskey. Introduction to objectivism.

Ayn Rand has inspired individuals around the world to discard convention and pursue a better life. See for yourself what her philosophy is . An alternative phrase "life, liberty and property", is found in the Declaration of Colonial Rights, a resolution of the First Continental Congress.

Also, Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads, "Everyone has the right to life. Security For Liberty: Freedom Of Life, Liberty And Pursuit Of Happiness Words | 5 Pages Security for Liberty For the sake of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, American citizens crumple up their own desires and follow laws such as the speed limit and paying taxes.

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