Malaysia dessert trends

Red rice was the original variation used in the production of mochi. At this time, it was eaten exclusively by the emperor and nobles due to its status as an omen of good fortune. During the Japanese Heian periodmochi was used as a "food for the gods" and in religious offerings in Shinto rituals performed by aristocrats.

Malaysia dessert trends

Being a foodie, I would always jump at any opportunity to travel to nearby locations in my own country where people are endlessly raving about the food, and Melaka is definitely high on that list. Picture my excitement when my boyfriend had to make a day trip and he was going to take me along.

While he was busy with his work errand, I was planning our meals — all halal, by the way, because my boyfriend is Muslim. So here we go — Kuala Lumpur to Melaka. Not too bad for going out of state — I was pleasantly surprised at how near it was.

Apparently a good bowl of authentic Nyonya chendol is not that far from reach. Prepare about RM20 for toll charges; depending on which route you take, you will need to pay about RM15 to pass maybe more, but definitely not more than RM Google search results led me to a few allegedly really cheap and good restaurants but then again my experience that day affirmed my thought that value is subjective.

Malaysia dessert trends

What someone would describe as cheap is not really within my budget for one person. So we walked and surveyed around and came across this restaurant called Restoran Indah Sayang. It was similar to the rest of the restaurants we patronized and left in terms of menu, but it was quiet and there was no customers around but it was understandable as it was already 2.

Malaysia dessert trends

And this one was cheap! So here is the damage: Chicken rendang and rice RM4. Durian Chendol at Jonker 88 If there is one thing you absolutely cannot miss in Melaka, it would be their sweet ice desserts locally known as chendol.

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Chendol actually refers to the green chewy rice flour jelly and what makes it famous in Melaka is the gula Melaka syrup they put in the dessert — which is basically coconut palm sugar. So deciding the next item to delight our palate was not difficult as all, as walking down popular tourist area Jonker street was hot as heck!

We found Jonker 88 easily enough, one of the most popular places for chendol and curry laksa also another popular Melaka dish that we did not manage to eat on this trip.

Getting a bowl is easy enough at this place — you walk up to the counter, tell them what you want, they make it, you pay and then you grab your bowl and find a table, sometimes when the place is full you can sit on a random table-less chair or even politely ask to share a bench with someone.

RM10 Averagely RM5 per person Pandan Pancakes at The Daily Fix This was the hardest snack to decide on because we were both stuffed at this point but I was not ready yet to give up and just wait for dinner — we were missing out on too much!

So we decided to split the next meal — and that was the best decision I have made in a while. A few bloggers and reviewers have mentioned this crazy-good pancake, which essentially is not local food, but was fused with local ingredients such as pandan, coconut and again gula Melaka.

The portion was huge and albeit we have not taken a break since meal 1 and 2, we picked up our utensils and did not stop eating until the pancake was gone — I am pretty sure under 10 minutes.

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Best part is the water here is free! Local pandan pancakes RM I was actually quite worried about what the bill will amount to and I spent the time waiting for our food to arrive to gawk at the amount of food the other tables were consuming.

We had a modest but fulfilling meal, and I was sure that our bill would be more than RM Again, water was free! The grand total of food expenditure was RM For those, planning to travel to Melaka for food, bring your appetite and enjoy!In the heart of Santa Barbara wine country, The Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort is California’s premier dude ranch experience with 10, acres for outdoor adventures like horseback riding, championship golf, fishing & boating on Alisal Lake, wine tasting adventures .

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Designers Home is a Malaysia Interior Design Company - Renovation and Residential interior design, Kiosk, Cafe Interior Design Malaysia Company.

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