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Plastic is an important discovery in human civilization. Produced primarily from petrochemicals, its structures are primarily based on the chemistry of long carbon chains. It can be moulded in any shape and colour, making it useful as the main component of many products. It can be made as hard as stone, as transparent as glass, and as elastic as rubber.

Plastic surhery a blessing or a

When I became a general surgery intern myself last year, these discrepancies became even more obvious to me. But I dislike the way the show overglamorizes the lives of the residents and often presents false medical information.

I would not be surprised if medical students watching the show are shocked and disillusioned when they finally rotate through surgery and find out what the surgical world is really like.

I certainly was surprised.

Plastic surhery a blessing or a

Interested in becoming a DO? Doctors of Osteopathic Medicineor DOs, are one of the fasting-growing segments of health care professionals in the U. DOs are trained to look at the whole person, listening and partnering with their patients to help them get healthy and stay well.

Learn more about the steps toward becoming a DO. During my intern year, my biggest pet peeve was watching the interns on the show go into the operating room for big, complicated cases such as brain surgery every day. Typically, interns on a surgical service take care of the patients on the floor.

Second-year residents at least in my program, and it does vary typically see consults. On the show, the interns appear to have bypassed the floor work and consult stages and function like chief residents in the OR, which is highly unrealistic. Errant residents on the show are lightly punished for offenses that would get them kicked out of any actual residency program.

She was reprimanded but allowed to continue her residency. A real-life resident would not only be removed from the program and likely sued, but also unable to practice medicine ever again, with the chance of jail time.

Furthermore, physicians are never allowed to become romantically involved with their patients. I also see interns and residents on the show committing command-chain faux pas that would be frowned upon, or not permitted, in real hospitals.

In most surgery residency programs, junior residents report to the senior residents, who in turn report to the attending physicians. As an intern, I did not run to an attending before speaking to a senior resident as interns regularly do on the show.

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An intern who bypasses a chief to bring important patient information to an attending would irritate both the chief and the attending. Surgical residents usually are assigned to a particular service for a set amount of time, often a month.

Residents do not arrive in the morning and pick their service based on which attending has the best cases that day or which attending they are having a secret affair with. Once new physicians match into a general surgery residency, orthopedics and neurosurgery are not options for them unless they want to switch residency programs.

A recurring error on the show that really irks me has to do with intubation. In real life, we always use tape because the tube can easily slip from its correct position.

If that were to happen, the patient could go into respiratory distress and die because of the powerful anesthetics in his or her system.

These anesthetics paralyze the muscles that help you breathe, so patients taking them are temporarily unable to breathe on their own.

Also, I have never seen surgical patients with their eyes taped shut on the show. This is the standard of care. A little tape can go a long way in the OR. I have watched every single episode for 10 seasons. I enjoy the exhilarating, dramatic lives of the characters on the show, and I sometimes wish I were doing my residency in the fantasyland of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.Taking jaw surgery temporarily off the table has been difficult because full reconstruction has always been my goal.

In a way though, it's also been a blessing. It's shifted my focus and hopefully by the time I'm ready some of the newer grafting technology will be available to me. Cosmetic surgery is getting more and more popular for modern people. Some people believe that it is a science to increase the beauty of a person.

The basic aim of this surgery is to enhance the appearance of the individual that is done by altering the parts of the body.

On the other hand, other. The best surgery recovery starts with a prayer before surgery, especially a prayer for heart surgery free prayer for surgery is for you.

May God be with you and your loved one. We are told in order to have the blessing we seek, we need to pray. Breast Surgery: This process is also known as Augmentation. This includes breast implants or reducing the sagginess of breast or enlarging the size etc (Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures).

Tummy tuck: By using this cosmetic surgery excessive fat & muscles can be removed from the abdomen (Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures). At RevivaMed Plastic Surgery we believe that Beauty is a Reflection of Health and Inner Well-Being. We offer a wide range of treatments and services to achieve the best results possible.

Prayer Before Surgery for Mom Heavenly Father, I'm asking this prayer before surgery for Mom. You have given my mother a wonderful life for 81 years, full of joy, but punctuated You have given my mother a wonderful life for 81 years, full of joy, but punctuated .

Prayer Before Surgery: Use A Prayer Before Surgery for Your Loved One