The clique review

Share via Email On clique Skins paints its bedroom black and graduates with a BA Hons in very bad things. The accidental investigator is such an irresistible narrative trope. Students are not poor any more — well, not these students at any rate.

The clique review

Oct 08, Eunice rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I've read a couple books from the series so this isn't only a review on the first one. I admit that this book is entertaining, watching girls throw around their money without a second thought about the starving kids in Africa yes I know that everyone's tired of the phrase but it's true, and only a visit to a third world country can make you realize that.

Great detail that can give the reader a sharp and vivid image in their minds and a series of t I've read a The clique review books from the series so this isn't only a review on the first one. Great detail that can give the reader a sharp and vivid image in their minds and a series of twist and turns to keep them interested, but in the end, it all just comes down to pretty, popular, rich girls whose only goals in life is to date the cute boys, and take trips to the mall every.

Forgive me, I don't speak bimbo. What was Clique's point? Acting like a bitch gets you somewhere in life? Bring other people down just to make yourself feel better? Shows how bright and cheery our beautiful world of teenagers really is, huh?

The clique review

Somehow I find these characters who are only thirteen and think that they can control the universe are very unrealistic.

But then again, I've never been into materialism so it's hard for me to understand why a girl would only think of "Chanel. But then again, they're middle schoolers, and they come from wealthy families, so no wonder they don't really think about their futures.

Or rather, they fantasize about their future careers. Clique is also a bad influence for middle schoolers, which I believe is the main group of people the book is aiming to interest.

And I'm not just saying that out of assumption. I've met preteens and kids in their early teen years gushing over Massie and her awesomeness, and then bragging about their OWN wealth.

Guess how many people in the world don't even HAVE a place to call home? I realize that the series isn't finished yet, so maybe the lesson of this whole whatever will reveal itself in the final chapters. Too bad I won't be reading those last few pages because I'd rather read books that are worth my time.

But I hope that in the end, "Kuh-laire" will realize what a bunch of losers her so called "friends" are and will gain a lot more self-confidence after LEAVING them and their stupid club! PS - In case you were wondering, I numbered the paragraphs to show my different points.

I can't type persuasive essays because I always ramble on to something different.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Clique at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Clique is the debut novel by author Valerie Thomas.

The author self published her novel on Kindle through KDP [Kindle Direct Publishing].

The clique review

When I read this book, I kept those factors in mind/5. The latest in a wave of bold teen dramas, Clique is an intriguing new addition to BBC Three's online output. Created by Skins' Jess Brittain, the series follows two freshers as they become. The Clique is about a new girl that runs in to the Pretty Committee Clique.

The Clique does everything in their power to make the new girls life as bad as they could make PG. reviews of The Clique Restaurant "This is a diner attached to a motel that I would have never thought to come to except my family raved about it.

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