The five enduring issues

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The five enduring issues

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Some people might think that psychologists are interested only in problem or abnormal behaviors.

In fact they are interested in every aspect of human thought and behavior. Perhaps the best way to introduce psychology is to look at what topics interest psychologists.

The five enduring issues

Developmental Psychology Development psychologists study human mental and physical growth from the prenatal period through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

Child psychologists focus on infants and children. Adolescent psychologists, who specialize in the teenage years.

Life-span psychologists, who focus on the adult years. Physiological Psychology Physiological Psychologists investigate the biological basis of human behavior, thoughts, and emotions.

Neuropsychologists are primarily interested n the brain and the nervous system. Behavioral geneticists investigate the impact of heredity on both normal and abnormal traits and behavior. Experimental Psychology Experimental psychologists conduct research on basic psychological processes, including learning, memory, sensation, perception, cognition, motivation, and emotion.

Personality Psychology Personality Psychology study the differences among individuals in such traits as anxiety, sociability, self-esteem, need for achievement, and aggressiveness.

This popular view is half-correct. About half of all psychologist specialize in clinical or counseling psychology. Clinical psychologists are interested primarily in the diagnosis, cause, and treatment of psychological disorders.

Social Psychology Social psychologists study how people influence one another. They explore such issues as first impressions and interpersonal attraction; the way that attitudes are formed, maintained, or changed; prejudice; conformity; and whether people behave differently when they are part of a group or crowd than they would on their own.

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Enduring Issues All psychologists share a common interesting five enduring issues that override their areas of specialization and that cut to the core of what it means to be human. Person-Situation To what extent is behavior caused by processes that occur inside the person such as thoughts, emotions, motives, attitudes, values, personality, and genes?

In contrast, to what extent is behavior caused or triggered by factors outside the person such as incentives, cues in the environment, and the presence of other people? For decades, psychologists argued about the degree of influence that heredity or genes versus environment or experience have on thought and behavior.

Human diversity is a central concern for psychologists.Enduring Issues. All psychologists share a common interesting five enduring issues that override their areas of specialization and that cut to the core of what it means to be human. 5 enduring issues of Psychology study guide by carrie includes 5 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

The five enduring issues

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1 CHAPTER1 The Science of Psychology Links to Learning Objectives WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? Definition and subfields Five enduring issues Psychology as a science Application of critical thinking.

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Sociology January 21, The five enduring issues that draw Psychologists together are person versus situation, heredity versus environment, or nature versus nurture, stability versus change, diversity versus universality, and mind versus body.

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