The lack of equal opportunities in education due to racism

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The lack of equal opportunities in education due to racism

The Asset Value of Whiteness: In addition to urgent concerns about racial bias in law enforcement and the criminal justice system, activists highlight deeply connected issues of economic exclusion and inequality.

No metric more powerfully captures the persistence and growth of economic inequality along racial and ethnic lines than the racial wealth gap. Research probing the causes of the racial wealth gap has traced its origins to historic injustices, from slavery to segregation to redlining.

The lack of equal opportunities in education due to racism

Yet many popular explanations forracial economic inequality overlook these deep roots, asserting that wealth disparities must be solely the result of individual life choices and personal achievements. The misconception that personal responsibility accounts for the racial wealth gap is an obstacle to the policies that could effectively address racial disparities.

This paper explores a number of these popular explanations for the racial wealth gap, looking at individual differences in education, family structure, full- or part-time employment, and consumption habits.

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In each case, we find that individual choices are not sufficient to erase a century of accumulated wealth: Differences in consumption habits also cannot explain the wealth gap; we look at academic research finding that white households spend more than black households of comparable incomes, yet still have more wealth.

The racial wealth gap matters because of the central role wealth plays in enabling families to both handle current financial challenges and make investments in their future.

The lack of equal opportunities in education due to racism

Families that have accumulated some wealth are better equipped to manage unanticipated expenses like an emergency medical bill, or disruptions in household income such as a layoff, without falling into debt or poverty.

Over the longer term, wealth can expand the prospects of the next generation, helping to pay for college, provide a down payment for a first home, or capitalize a new business.

As long as a substantial racial wealth gap persists, white households will continue to enjoy greater advantages than their black and Latino neighbors in meeting the financial challenges of everyday life and will be able to make greater investments in their children, passing economic advantages on.

We can only create a more equitable future by confronting the racial wealth gap and the public policies that continue to fuel and exacerbate it. This report analyzes data on white, black, and Latino households.

The terms black and white are used to refer to the representative respondents of a household who identified as non-Latino black or white in the Survey of Consumer Finances SCF. All dollar figures are in dollars. Attending college does not close the racial wealth gap.

In effect, to gain wealth comparable to white high school dropouts, black and Latino students must not only complete high school, but also attend college. Attending college is associated with wealth in a number of ways.

A college education has long been heralded as a ladder of social mobility: Indeed, research consistently finds that college graduates of every race and ethnicity have greater income and wealth than their counterparts who did not graduate college. Having left high school without a diploma and never pursued further education, white dropouts do not gain the wealth-building opportunities offered by a college education.

Yet, advantages such as greater access to gifts and inheritances offer white households more opportunities to gain and build wealth, even when they have completed less education. Because white families accumulated more wealth over a history in which black and Latino families were excluded from many wealth-building opportunities through discriminatory policies in housing, banking, education and other areas, white families today have, in general, greater resources to pass on to their offspring.

As a result, white families are 5 times more likely than black or Latino families to receive large gifts and inheritances, and the amounts they receive are far greater. Our earlier research finds that even if black and Latino students graduated college at the same rate as white students, the reduction in the racial wealth gap would be modest: As a result, the research finds that black students borrow at much higher rates, and in higher amounts, to receive the same college degrees as their white counterparts.

With less student loan debt to pay off over their working years, the typical white college graduate has a head start on building wealth compared to their black peers.

The picture is different for Latino households, which attend and graduate from college at lower rates than both black and white households.As Figure 1 shows, black adults with at least some college—a group that includes any amount of college education, from students who attended college but attained no degree, to those with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees—had $11, in wealth at the median, while Latino adults with at least some college had $20, in wealth at the median.

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Glossary About the Racial Equity Tools Glossary Words and their multiple uses reflect the tremendous diversity that characterizes our society. All too easily, America has fallen into the posture of believing racism is solely the property of Republicans and Conservatives.

The truth is much different. [page unnumbered] FOREWORD BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR EDUCATION AND SCIENCE. This report is about a complex and important subject. The response of the education service to ethnic diversity concerns all who have responsibilities in education as well as all parents and their children.

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