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Thesis designer uk

Thesis designer uk

I have downloaded the EED User Manual and after some study of it I have some questions to which I would be most pleased to receive your replies and observations. I would like to understand the mathematical Thesis designer uk for the so-called g-functions, and how they are calculated and incorporated into EED.

I understand that they were originally formulated by P Eskilson in his Doctoral Thesis at The University of Lundand subsequently incorporated into the EED simulation model, apparently in a more simplified form.

Most of the references are to internal reports published by Lund University by Eskilson and later workers. Is it Thesis designer uk for you to send me any papers explaining these functions in detail and how they feature now in EED? Per Eskilson calculated g-functions for about 40 different configurations and for each configuration several different values of the dimensionless ratio between borehole spacing and borehole depth were used.

Andy Bannister

I have later recalculated all g-functions to include shorter time-scales and different configurations were the ratio between spacing and depth can be varied between 0,02 and 0,5.

The borehole thermal resistance is explained in more detail in my doctoral thesis same price. No, this is not the way the g-functions work. The simplification assumed in the g-function formulation is that all boreholes have the same fluid temperature, so the heat transfer rates will vary between and along the boreholes.

The fluid temperature used is the mean value of inlet and outlet fluid temperature. We have found this to be a good approximation and certainly better than assuming equal rates from all boreholes. The g-functions have been calculated using a simulation model called Superposition Borehole Model that allows for various different loading conditions: Load conditions can be varied and mixed with any time-step.

Is the mass flow rate of the carrier fluid also a constant value for all boreholes in a multiple configuration: It is only included to calculate the borehole thermal resistance.

How do you measure the geo-thermal heat flux? Do you have the data bases of the geo-thermal heat fluxes concerning various places in Japan? I wish to ask you to provide if it is available. There are two ways of providing information about the heat transfer properties between the circulating heat transfer fluid and the borehole wall, either by specifying the design and the properties of the materials involved heat carrier fluid, flow rate, pipe, filling material and contact resistance or by giving a constant value for the borehole thermal resistance.

Explorer of details

The thermal short-circuiting between the downward and upward flow channel can cause substantial reduction of the thermal performance of the borehole heat exchanger.

The thermal resistance between the upward and downward channel is called the internal thermal resistance. If you the option of calculating the borehole thermal resistance, you will get a reasonable value of the internal thermal resistance as a result.

In the output file various thermal resistances are listed: It would be very helpful to have a scetch or a description how these resistances are defined. Let us for simplicity consider the case of a single U-pipe with the two shanks placed in a symmetric position. The local borehole resistance is calculated in a plane perpendicular to the borehole axis.

There is a filling material with a thermal conductivity kf. The surrounding ground has a thermal conductivity kg. Borehole radius is rb. There are two fundamental cases: The fluid in both shanks have the same temperature Tf. The temperature at an outer radius rc is set to Tc.

A steady-state heat transfer calculation gives a heat flow qp from each shank. A steady-state heat transfer calculations gives a heat flow q12 between two shanks. The heat flow rate is then qp and the resulting difference between fluid temperature Tf and the temperature Tp in the filling material adjacent to the pipe becomes: The resulting borehole thermal resistance Rb is a function of the pipe resistance Rp, the pipe radius, the shank spacing, the filling thermal conductivity, the borehole radius and the ground thermal conductivity.

The effective borehole heat transfer takes into account also the thermal short-circuiting effects due to the temperature difference between. The short-circuiting effects depend on the internal borehole resistance, the flow rate and active borehole length.

Do you provide training courses? Within academic co-operations, courses may be free travel and accommodation will have to be provided ; for commercial purposes, there are courses depending on time and topic only EED, EED and GSHP design, and any other additions you might wishand on the time needed for travel to the course venue.

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Andy Bannister. Andy Bannister is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and an Adjunct Speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, speaking and teaching regularly throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, and the wider universities to churches, business forums to TV and radio, he regularly addresses audiences of both Christians and those of all faiths.

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Thesis designer uk

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