Younger boss old employee problem

There was a time when I was ashamed of this, thinking it a reversal of the natural order of things that reflected poorly on my socio-economic achievement. My boss, from his perspective, felt uneasy about supervising someone both older and more educated than he.

Younger boss old employee problem

The times are irrelevant. What you are dealing with is fear.

Younger boss old employee problem

Use that one-on-one conversation to find out what he or she fears. It most likely is the feeling of being left behind by new technology and not being valued for what they do know and can still contribute, or it may be something else.

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Whoo boy, you said it. But a group of older and younger employees who respects what each other offers and focuses on the customer will make way more money for the company than a group of us and them hissing it out in the lunch room.

Lois Gory April 11, at 7: It sounds like there is culture clash going on. Has anyone told either of these groups what they should be heading towards?

Younger boss old employee problem

Is this what you were brought in to do? What is the new culture, why are we going down this path, what are the benefits, what is everyone going to have to do to get there, take suggestions, use some of the suggestions lolbe constantly visible and supportive of the new culture, etc.

You will always have the few who resist change to the bitter end, and those people will never change their minds no matter what you do. Time is a funny thing, you will find if you work WITH people on change management, time will take care of the rest.

HR Wench April 11, at There IS such thing as problem behaviors. Rebecca April 13, at 3: Sayya26 April 13, at 6: Also, thanks to the others for leaving your insightful comments.

I agree that behaviors and culture need to be defined and communicated clearly and that management needs to make clear the consequences of unacceptable behavior and act on them.Jan 19,  · The Generation Gap at Work: Managing the Older Worker--or Younger Boss.

problem for an older employee trying to work with a younger boss? 22 year-old second lieutenants in charge of The company I work for as the HR manager first of all is a small, family-run business and has employees who’ve been with us since day 1 (25 years ago) and have been loyal and worked long and hard to help us get to where we’re at today.

The problem is times and attitudes have changed since then. In The article “Younger boss, older worker” Crow, 26 years old supervisor affirms that he prefers online communication between employees such as sending emails and notes.

However, Petersen a 36 years old employee, believe more in direct communication between him and his younger supervisor. Surviving the Younger Boss By Orrin Onken I work for a boss who is twenty years younger than I am.

I am fifty. He is thirty.

Disadvantages of Hiring Younger Employees

There was a time when I was ashamed of this, thinking it a reversal of the natural order of things that reflected poorly on my socio-economic achievement.

Younger Boss Old Employee Problem Essay. Being a young boss dealing with employees who are older then you is not an easy task and imposes many problems in today’s workplace - Younger Boss Old Employee Problem Essay introduction.

In the article “The young-boss-older-employee dilemma”, Weiss tells the story of Jim Schneider who recounts. May 15,  · Perhaps the biggest thing a seasoned employee can bring to a younger boss is a sense of historical context, which can ease the frenzy of challenging and ambiguous times.

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